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KOLEGA Curriculum Resources


A Kolega curriculum initiative is a great way to engage students in real world learning about the challenges faced in developing countries like Timor Leste. In the context of learning about the poverty cycle in rural Timor Leste- students have an opportunity to help break the poverty cycle - by participating in "being" the export market for Timorese hand crafted gift cards.

Students Learn the story, become part of the story, and can change the story - one pack of cards at a time. By purchasing one pack of cards, two days of work is provided to a woman in rural East Timor.

Below are some links to resources to help teachers build out curriculum that makes sense in the context of overall learning goals. If you would like to run a Kolega curriculum initiative that includes student/family engagement in the purchase of Timorese products through this website -

Please contact us at terrace.timor.network@gmail.com.

We can help with additional resources and ideas. Further, we can establish a "code" for your school that you can use to track your sales, and the number of days of work your community has provided. Thank you for your involvement in this life changing program.



Timor Leste Country Profile

Silk Tais production in Timor Leste

Empowerment of literacy

Working for a fairer world

Food for the world

Sanitation in Timor Leste


Timor Leste Facts

Water, sanitation and agriculture in Timor-Leste


Timor Leste country profile

Confronting hunger in Timor Leste

Food security in Timor Leste

Global inequalities Timor Leste

Additional Resources

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