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Christmas 2016
"2 Days of work" Challenge

Have you been looking for a “Social Justice in Action” initiative for your school community this Christmas season? As the year ends it can be a very busy time in the school calendar, but equally – it is an important time to reach out and make a difference for those in need. The perfect initiative is one that is impactful and life changing while being easy to administer.

TTN would like to invite you to help change lives in Timor this Christmas and to join thousands of students who will be taking part in '2 days of work' by buying hand crafted greeting card packs.

The idea is simple - every 8-pack of greeting cards sold for $25 provides 2 days of work in East Timor. Every school is given a unique code which is used on “checkout” from this secure website – where your families place their orders directly. Your school’s orders will be delivered to your school on your nominated date.

Why not set your school a challenge? Get your students and classes together and ask them how many days of work your school would like to aim for? TTN can keep track of your school's aim and actual and give a weekly update. At the end of the campaign, we will provide you with a certificate of thanks for days of work you have made possible.

“Kolega” means “friend” in the Timorese language. The Kolega cards program has been running now for 10 years, providing life changing work for women in the remote mountains of East Timor. Over this time, the quality of the cards has become reliably high. Each card includes a little information sheet, that describes the card’s artwork in the context of a story of Timor. As each of these cards passes through our hands – we become part of this story.

please email us:
and we will send you the “2 days of work” pack which includes your unique school code, flyer, template letter home to families and clickable links to the website to start ordering today.

Thank you for your involvement in this great initiative – though the power of our numbers we can make an incredible difference and change lives for our friends in some of the poorest parts of Timor.