1KG Kolega Coffee Beans - 100% Organic arabica, Roasted in Brisbane by Bluesky Coffee

Premium Organic 1KG Coffee Beans

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  • KOLEGA (koh-ley-guh) means "friend" in the Timorese language Tetun. These premium organic arabica beans are from the Maubisse region in Timor Leste. They are medium roasted by hand to bring out the aromatic complexity of the bean and give it a delightfully smooth, rich and lingering finish. Convenient "Ripper Zipper" Bags help keep your coffee fresh to the last bean!

    The Kolega coffee project is an initiative of the Terrace Timor Network and Blue Sky Coffee Qld that ensures all profits are returned to the growers and their communities. Just as it shines on the country's flag the "Star of Timor" on the front of this bag symbolises the light that guides the East Timorese people to a brighter future. These precious beans bring hope to remote farming families. By purchasing Kolega coffee you become connected with our friends in Timor, and together we weave a shared story of friendship and justice. Obrigadu Kolega - Thank you friend!

    Interested in regular monthly deliveries? Please email us at terrace.timor.network@gmail.com

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