The TTN Story



Supporting Long term economic independence in Timor Leste, TTN works on a range of special projects aimed at specifically supporting economic development in remote village areas. We can all be involved in making a difference for these families by buying coffee and handmade greeting cards, or by getting involved as a volunteer.



TTN has been a contributor to building sustainable economic development in the 5 village area of Railaco Craic and surrounds with our Justice Products programs for over 14 years. - KOLEGA COFFEE and CARDS and the formation work on a Vanilla program in the region.

When you buy these products, you help break the cycle of poverty in these remote mountain areas. The TTN coffee program has supported over 1,000 farming families with education on pruning practices to improve yields and markets for thier crops.


Kolega Coffee is a premium organic single bean coffee roasted by our partner Merlo Coffee in Brisbane. Currently sales from Kolega Coffee are one of the main sources of funds to support our women's livelihoods program.

Our coffee has a rich but sweet flavour and is sought after by coffee lovers throughout Australia. Coffee is a crucial component of the overall economy in Timor Leste, and we have worked to help farmers in the remotest areas of Timor to build this industry.

TTN was involved in the development of a Vanilla program aimed at supporting coffee farmers by providing additional skill development around growing the companion crop of Vanilla. This is an exciting ongoing program that the Edmund Rice Foundation continues to support.

The current focus of TTN support is the Ladies Livelihood Program. This program is an evolution of the cards program and has at it's core the belief that providing women with education and economic development opportunities is one of the most effective ways to develop whole communities. The livelihoods program currently works with 65 women providing education, skills training, and access to economic opportunities through a micro loan program.

We are currently in the transition from the Card program to the Livelihoods program and the ladies are sharing that the program is making a real difference for their families.


TTN was formed in 2006 by a group of parents whose sons had been involved in the Terrace Year 10 East Timor Immersions of 2004 and 2005. The experience of travelling in Timor Leste, meeting the people and seeing the enormous day to day challenges they faced, had a profound impact not only on them, but also on their families.

Since that time, Programs and projects have been undertaken at the community level in partnership with the men, women and children of rural communities in the mountains beyond Dili. Initiatives are chosen that will make a real difference to the people as they seek to build futures of hope and opportunity for their families. We are committed to supporting the people of Timor Leste on their continuing journey of economic development and long term independence.

TTN works in partnership with the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia in Timor and Mary McKillop Today for the delivery of our programs on the ground.